Wacom Unveils New Intuos Pro, Intuos Pro Paper Edition and Small Bamboo Folio

Wacom Unveils New Intuos Pro, Intuos Pro Paper Edition and Small Bamboo Folio

Wacom has today unveiled the new generation of Intuos Pro and Intuos Pro Paper Edition pen and touch tablets for creatives, and the Small Bamboo Folio smartpad for consumers, students and professionals on the go.

Designed for artists, designers and photographers, Wacom's new generation Intuos Pro pen and touch tablets provide enhanced features and benefits to adapt to any workstyle. The Intuos Pro Paper Edition adds to the Intuos Pro by incorporating paper into the workflow. Now, artists and designers can begin their creative expression on paper, and with the touch of a button turn those sketches into editable, digital ink versions which can be refine and completed using Wacom's natural pen experience.

"We know it's challenging to bring ideas to life when the tools lack the ability to easily unlock the potential of creative minds," commented Masahiko Yamada, President and Chief Executive Officer of Wacom. "That is, what the new Intuos Pro does. It offers a way to start the creative process by adapting to any workflow so users feel empowered as they dare to build a more creative world."

Less than half an inch thick, the next-generation Intuos Pro is the slimmest of its kind and more compact than the previous version, offering the same sized active area in a smaller overall footprint. The Intuos Pro occupies very little desk space and is easy to carry in a backpack or laptop bag for the daily commute or a business trip. It comes equipped with anodized aluminum backing, a smaller pen stand with 10 nibs and a new pen case. Both sizes of the Intuos Pro, Medium and Large, use a TouchRing, Multi-Touch and eight ExpressKeys for the creation of customized shortcuts to speed up the creative workflow.

The recently released Wacom Finetip Pen, included with the Intuos Pro Paper Edition, provides smooth-gel ink and unparalleled precision. Designed for those who begin their creative process on paper, the Finetip lets users visually depict ideas that are automatically digitized. Users can also select a Ballpoint Pen as an optional purchase.

The small Bamboo Folio is a durable and portable smartpad fusing the ease of writing on pen and paper with digital technology to capture, shape, organize and share ideas. It's small size and protective cover is ideal for on-the-go notetakers and idea creators - whether it's the business traveler that needs a professional notepad to capture and organize meeting notes and ideas; students that jot down and pack their notes from class to study sessions to home; or teachers that need to record and protect their valuable lesson plans.

"Our Bamboo smartpads are made to naturally fit into any workflow, fusing the ease of writing naturally on pen and paper with digital technology to transform thoughts to ideas," explained Mike Gay, Senior Vice President for Wacom's consumer business unit. "The small Bamboo Folio provides an on-the-go solution for those that are looking to organize and protect their valuable ideas as they bring them from paper to the cloud - whether that's at home, at school or at work."