Say It Loud - Distinguished Black Designers of NYCOBA | NOMA

Say It Loud: Distinguished Black Designers of NYCOBA | NOMA

The approximately 2,090 licensed African American architects in the United States represent only 2 percent of the total population of the country's licensed architects. Moreover, the achievements of these individuals are seldom recognized.

Over the past two years, NYCOBA | NOMA's Membership Highlight Initiative has put the spotlight on architects and allied professionals of color, as well as their impacts on the architecture and design fields and the community at large.

SAY IT LOUD: Distinguished Black Designers of NYCOBA | NOMA, on view at the Center for Architecture from January 26 to April 1, will feature these highlighted members, along with winners of the Jumaane Omar Stewart Award for New York City high school students and the NYCOBA | NOMA Diversity in the School of Architecture Award.

The exhibition will feature projects by the 20 designers, as well as quotes and video interviews on their experiences in the architecture and design professions.

Featured professionals include Mark Gardner, AIA, NOMA, LEED AP, Principal, Jacklitsch/Gardner Architects; Yolande Daniels, NOMA, Co-founding Design Principal, studio SUMO; and Roberta Washington, FAIA, NOMA, Principal, Roberta Washington Architects, who will also contribute a timeline of the history of black architects in New York.

"We should support institutions that inform society at large about the architectural contributions by people of diverse backgrounds to encourage others to join," said Rodney Leon, AIA, NOMA, Principal of Rodney Leon Architects, who is featured in the exhibition. "The profession should do all it can to reflect the society it represents."

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