Coroflot Unveils Innovative Mobile Workplace

Coroflot Unveils Innovative Mobile Workplace

Coroflot has recently unveiled its Mobile Work Unit (MWU). The concept for the trailer-office grew from a desire to create a space solution that referenced both the mobility and creative talent of the Coroflot community, as well as the future of the site.

"Coroflot is a virtual community, but the connections between employers and people seeking work, those are real world connections," commented Coroflot co-founder Eric Ludlum. "We felt it was important to introduce a real world component into what Coroflot does."

The Mobile Work Unit is the result of a partnership between Coroflot and Portland-based studio LOS OSOS. Helmed by Laurence Sarrazin, the studio has garnered praise for designing retail, workplace, and exhibit environments. Designing and constructing the MWU presented unique challenges as well as an opportunity to take a creative approach to a workspace.

The LOS OSOS team used locally sourced custom milled and kiln-dried wood from Douglas fir trees. United by clean geometric expression and vibrant color, translucent walls work with the Douglas fir and powder coated steel to add a sense of warmth, comfort, and openness.

The modular furniture system developed for the project gives structure, defines personal space, leaves communication open, and makes room for expression. The functionality and flexibility of Coroflot's MWU suits the company's expected growth. Sustainable in the most fundamental sense: it is repurposable. The future of Coroflot is one that reflects the modern work environment of creative professionals, and the Mobile Work Unit is as ready as the company are to adapt and expand.

Photography: Josh Partee & Jim Golden