This Human - How to Be the Person Designing for Other People

This Human: How to Be the Person Designing for Other People

With the increasing popularity of design thinking and human-centred design we've also seen more material discussing various aspects of the practice. One missing aspect, almost in an ironic twist, is what it takes to be the actual person who is doing the designing.

The name 'This Human' is referring to that person. The person who needs to observe to gain insight, to makes sense of their observations in a way that isn't biased by their own world views. The person who needs to communicate in many different ways with many different intentions to communicate information which is often hard to access, difficult to grasp and just not that tangible. The person who is so passionate about having a positive impact they become exhausted one third of the way into their project.

This Human, written by Dr. Melis Senova, helps you reflect, observe and master yourself so your work is more effective and your impact longer-lasting. This book unveils the mindsets that occur, and need to occur, to ensure this level of impact can be manifested in the world. Exploring the seven key elements of Insight, Envision, Expression, Connection, Intention, Emotion, and Delivery, this book provides practical and valuable insight into yourself as a designer and how to think and be in your practice of design.