Offecct Unveils 2017 Collection

Offecct Unveils 2017 Collection

Offecct has unveiled its new 2017 collection, including products by Luca Nichetto, Christophe Pillet, Monica Förster, Neri & Hu and Claesson Koivisto Rune.

Phoenix Chair by Luca Nichetto

Luca Nichetto's new chair Phoenix luminously represents the Lifecircle philosophy that is the soul of Offecct. Every detail of the chair is carefully conceived, thought through, purposefully designed and crafted for a long, sustainable and flexible life cycle. The look of Phoenix is derived from a recycled aluminum frame with a trademark Y-shaped base. The upholstered parts can be easily removed and replaced when needed - or when the client wants a new color or material for novel functions and/or styles.

Varilounge Sofa System by Christophe Pillet

The fundamental vision behind Christophe Pillet's new Varilounge sofa system was to create a seating furniture series for public spaces with the softer, elegant, sensual and extremely comfortable feeling typically associated with the home. The world of contract interiors certainly places entirely different demands on a piece of furniture than that of the home. The upholstered parts are all recyclable and can be easily replaced when needed, creating a brand new piece of furniture.

Sheer Chair by Monica Förster

Monica Förster's Sheer chair was developed with the ambition to create a chair that is as light as possible, for a number of reasons, including making it easy and ergonomic to use. Sheer is a technically advanced and innovative chair, with a semi-transparent technological textile assembled onto a thin steel construction base. Apart from its light and transparent appearance, the seat can easily be replaced when needed.

Hanger by Neri & Hu

The concept for Neri & Hu's Hanger is to create a new kind of furniture for people who like to hang their garments and accessories out in the open in a room, in plain sight, rather than concealed in a closet or wardrobe. It is a sign of respect for the garments, but also motivated by hygienic reasons - to air the garments out after a day's wear in, for example, a hotel room.

Bouquet Table by Claesson Koivisto Rune

The new Bouquet side table is designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune. The table is based on the simple, positive idea of adding a cheerful decorative apostrophe to the room - something to put people in a good mood, while at the same time serving an instrumental purpose. Inspiration from the table very apparently comes from nature. The bright red flowers are mirrored in the table's shiny base, as though from a pool of water in the forest. This base also serves a function in giving the table good stability for use in busy public environments.


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