Osaka - A Landscape of Furniture, Inspired by Japanese Stone Gardens

Osaka: A Landscape of Furniture, Inspired by Japanese Stone Gardens

Teruhiro Yanagihara has designed a timeless, simple collection, 'Osaka,' for Offecct. The simplest forms and materials, reflecting each other and creating a jigsaw puzzle expressing both precision and clarity. Osaka is all about reducing in order to find the core of the product.

With Osaka, Teruhiro Yanagihara has created a timeless, simple collection that is a natural ambassador for Offecct's design philosophy. In part, the collection is inspired by footpaths made of cobblestones of different sizes - an organic form that simultaneously exudes precision and clarity.

"My background is in spatial design and architecture and I'm always thinking about spaces, rather than about individual objects," commented Yanagihara. "What I saw before me with Osaka was a landscape of furniture, inspired by Japanese stone gardens."

The elements of Osaka are like reflections of each other, jigsaw pieces that can be combined in different ways. They are neat and easy to furnish with in different spaces - in a large entrance hall or a smaller room for a quick, spontaneous meeting.

"The similarity in Japanese and Swedish design traditions is that we would rather reduce than add to the complexity, in order to find the core of the product," Yanagihara added. "The process of Osaka has led us to a design where we use the simplest of means and materials to create products that can be used - and reused - time and time again and around the world."

Ottomans and tables are both suitable for an active and engaging conversation. Furthermore, the fabric used has a positive effect on the room's acoustics whilst the simplistic shape of the pieces mean they are easy to reupholster in line with our Offeccts' Lifecircle philosophy.

Photos: Courtesy of Offecct


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