YETI Flagship Store by lauckgroup

YETI Flagship Store by lauckgroup

When YETI sought to open a flagship store in its hometown, Austin, Texas, they turned to retail design firm, lauckgroup, architecture firm, Lake|Flato, and brand agency McGarrah Jessee to create a community event and retail space.

Boasting a museum-like feel, the flagship is different from traditional retail spaces and intended to to inspire people to go out and enjoy the wild through experiential installations. lauckgroup was tasked with executing a design that would immerse visitors in the outdoors and capture the brand's core tenants.

Experts at storytelling through interiors, lauckgroup fused everything from the founding family's story, to the city of Austin's rich roots, to the building's history (it survived the 1930s flood), to YETI's commitment to adventures and the community for an authentic embodiment of the YETI name.

From the front porch, the lines between indoors and outdoors are blurred, and the feeling of a community is evoked. Inside, countless eye-catching showpieces, such as a 750-pound stuffed bear, a grill once owned by the founder of Franklin Barbecue, and several decorative sharks suspended from the ceiling, showcase the brand as a go-to for outdoor enthusiasts. lauckgroup strategically designed each fixture to represent the idea of craft and tell the specific product's story -- by employing raw materials, exposed fastening, acrylics, etc. The design team also worked closely with Austin city planners to enhance the public spaces surrounding the site, creating a welcoming community center that invites people to hang out and grab a drink.


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