Remixing the Online Look and Feel of a Cultural Staple

Remixing the Online Look and Feel of a Cultural Staple

Mass Appeal is a New York-based media and content company whose mission is to be the premier platform for leaders in urban culture. Since its inception in 1996, the brand has been living, breathing and definitively documenting youth-born culture worldwide. The Mass Appeal team was looking to refresh their site and drive attention to social media efforts alongside overall brand recognition.

Nolte began supporting the site under Nolte Care in 2015. Nolte Care remained a robust solution for the Mass Appeal team as it allowed the resourcefulness of an in-house team without the expense. In Q1 2017 the initiative from the MA editorial team was to promote their social channels as well as the brand as a whole. The focal point of this initiative was their content driven WordPress site.

The Journey

Due to upcoming news being released around major investment into the company, it was important that Nolte team was able to execute on the strategy, design and development within a 2-3 week period. The design firm worked alongside their team to come up with a fresh solution tailored to their overall goals. Nolte team worked swiftly to develop concepts within days and then develop, stage and perform quality assurance shortly after. The end solution was delivered seamlessly within a total of 2.5 weeks.

The solution presented clearer information architecture including fixes to problematic navigation areas as well as overall content flows site-wide. Nolte team also brought light to some problematic user experience areas which they provided some simple design and development fixes for. To improve the overall user experience, subtle animation and interaction elements were introduced to assist in driving engagement with content.


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