Stantec Designs Headquarters for Valley Forge Fabrics

Stantec Designs Headquarters for Valley Forge Fabrics

Stantec has completed the interiors for Fort Lauderdale-based Valley Forge Fabrics, the global leader in hospitality upholstery fabrics. The 73,000 sf space boasts the largest performance textile archive in the world with more than one million items, a state of the art fabric-testing laboratory and in-house seamstress and printed fabric production areas.

"Valley Forge is a household name within the hospitality industry and they pride themselves in creating beautiful, welcoming spaces in the world's top hotels," said interior designer Barbara Savage, senior associate at Stantec's Miami office. "In this new space, we're giving their staff the same experience."

The family-owned company is passionate about their heritage. The brother/sister management team puts their employees first and wanted to give them a new space that would improve their general wellbeing in every sense. Stantec created an inspiring, creative and healthy environment for the company's employees. With a neutral base palette, the company's fabric is showcased as the interior's star and delivers a sense of place. Grays and whites are offset with pops of fuchsia, red, orange, purple and peacock colors throughout the open work areas, conference rooms and offices.

"We wanted to design a visually appealing and inspiring setting, as well as a functional environment, because at the end of the day, Valley Forge employees need a space where they can do their best work," added Savage. "We implemented playful elements including an indoor soccer field and slide, while also incorporating custom designed standing work counters with space to roll out fabrics."

The design details of the new HQ include fabric tubes used as design feature in reception area and conference hall; bold, continuous stripes of color that begin on the wall and carry across the floor, carpet, and any element that lies in its path - including the restroom; chairs upholstered with "Chandelier" fabric - a nod to Valley Forge's first printed vinyl fabric; ottomans representing Valley Forge's trademarked Huesteria color palette are used as a d├ęcor item throughout the space; and custom designed standing work counters that provide space to roll out fabrics.

Sustainability remains at the core of Valley Forge's business practice. The LEED Silver certified space features recycling and redistribution bins to safely dispose of items like corks, batteries and electronics that employees bring from home.

Photography: Barry Grossman


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