Razor Case Receives Top Prize in 2017 Red Dot - Product Design Awards

Razor Case Receives Top Prize in 2017 Red Dot: Product Design Awards

The Razor Case has received the highest distinction in the 2017 Red Dot: Product Design Awards, the Red Dot: Best of the Best. "With the Razor Case, Bolin Webb has created an extraordinary, innovative design and is thus one of the makers behind the best products of 2017," the Red Dot jury commented.

Bolin Webb wanted to develop a razor case that was practical, tactile and visually appealing. There was no case on the market that provided a sensible and durable travel solution in a humid environment. Bolin Webb wanted to change that.

"There is no reason why men should be condemned to using inferior or dull razors - a tool they will pick up, use and put down regularly over the many years," commented founder Derrick Webb. "The same applies to the accessories we make.

"I am inspired by the application of materials, finishes and creative product detail to meet and expand upon a given product need. The use of silicone for the razor case was a natural choice in this instance, and the product is enhanced with small but significant design features that both add to its utility and to its appeal."

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