Pollutoys - Plush Toys to Teach Kids About Plastic Pollution

Pollutoys: Plush Toys to Teach Kids About Plastic Pollution

Sea Shepherd has launched Pollutoys, a collection of plush toys created to teach kids about the plastic pollution issue.

Pollutoys is a collection of eight adorable plushies teaching kids about the plastic pollution issue with a special twist. These lovable plushies were designed in collaboration with early childhood teachers, and behind their cute faces lies a sad reality. Their stomach is full of trash: plastic bags, bottles, soda cups, straws, cutlery, balloons, caps and all the other plastic junk that animals tend to eat.

"The kids in our class LOVED their Pollutoys! The simple fact of opening an animal belly and discover all the trashes, children were surprised first but they kept talking about it for weeks," commented Emilie Perier, an early childhood teacher from Orange Panda in Shanghai, who used Pollutoys in her 2-5 years old children class. "Pollutoys are best toys to get their attention, to touch their heart and to open their imagination to find solutions together."

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