FormNation Designs Exhibit Space for New Dutch Wave

FormNation Designs Exhibit Space for New Dutch Wave

FormNation completed the design of the New Dutch Wave exhibition booth which launched at SXSW in March. New Dutch Wave is a new international movement to promote Dutch entrepreneurs, creatives, start-ups, artists, as well as the Dutch government and our smartest cities, as innovative and creative to a relevant international audience.

The New Dutch Wave commissioned FormNation to design their physical appearance in the form of a trade show booth. The booth functioned as a Dutch pavilion during SXSW and highlights innovative brands from the Netherlands, including energy harvesting dance floors by Energy Floors, VR booths by Sensiks and Dutch chemical powerhouse Akzo Nobel.

FormNation created a Dutch design canvas that was both fun and avant-garde to show the inspiration and originality of the Netherlands. The New Dutch Wave booth was designed to feature eight leading brands through a simple yet unique design. The booth consists of a stack of shapes and elements in different materials and textures. The visual language of these shapes, as well as the color palette of black, white and royal blue, is clear and simple, allowing the display to look cohesive while each individual element, and company, is highlighted.


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