Cloud Studios by Best Practice Architecture

Cloud Studios by Best Practice Architecture

Best Practice Architecture recently completed Cloud Studios, a 4,600-square-foot recording and music practice facility that includes band practice rooms and podcast production spaces all opening to a generous hang out area in the historic Pike Baker Linen building on Capitol Hill.

The facility has access to a freight elevator from street level, making it ideal for musicians who need to move heavy gear in and out. Small practice rooms and recording studios, ranging from 150 to 260 square feet, are arranged around a central hang out space, perfect for gatherings and impromptu concerts. Each room is associated with a door color (CMYK logic) and the main space is covered in Seattle Photographer Spike Mafford's photos of original neighborhood band practice spaces that have since vanished.

The project comes at an interesting time in the life of a rapidly changing city where creative places are being turned into high-end developments. This modest program seeks to maintain and support local music and musicians by providing sought after practice space in the heart of the city.

Photography: Rafael Soldi

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