AIGA Eye on Design Unveils New Branding

AIGA Eye on Design Unveils New Branding

Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree have unveiled the new visual identity for the inaugural AIGA Eye on Design Conference. Leta and Wade were also behind the original Eye on Design website and identity.

"We began by contemplating what AIGA Eye on Design is truly about-it's a manifestation of young, old, new, contemporary, and the exciting," noted Leta and Wade. "It embodies what is happening now in design, both nationally and internationally.

"Taking homage from the site's design (including the Bauhaus-like primary shape system) we sought to find a way to juxtapose type with shape and form without creating an overly chaotic application. What resulted was a series of grids (old) married with our contrasting color palette and primary shapes (new).

Our intention was to compile a systematic approach that could work in a physical context as much as the digital. So whatever the application, this grid can expand and contract and include as much or as little information as we need to share."

The first-ever one-day AIGA Eye on Design Conference will take place ahead of the three-day AIGA Design Conference. These two conferences will provide ample professional development opportunities as well as a chance to hear from some of the greatest minds in design, technology, business, craft, music, and film.

"After years of attending conferences that promise inspiration but left us sitting on our butts in dark rooms, listening to one speaker after another until we either had sensory deprivation or sensory overload, the AIGA Eye on Design editors decided to try a different model, one that involves energizing activities, actual IRL engagement with new design friends and potential collaborators, and learnings you can put into practice the very next day-not simply aspire to," commented Perrin Drumm, editorial director of Eye on Design. "This conference takes all the best bits of every conference our team has ever attended and brings it together into one rewarding day at a stunning location."

The conference offers a day filled with inspiring talks, provocative panel discussions, hands-on workshops, exhibitions, and installations. On the main stage you'll hear from Gary Hustwit, co-founder of VR company Scenic, and documentarian behind the films Helvetica, Objectified, and Urbanized; Jessie Kawata, NASA JPL creative strategist and lead industrial designer; Emmet Byrne, design director of the Walker Art Center; L.A.'s Sing Sing studio, plus Ping Zhu, Eric Hu, Hassan Rahim, Eva Goicochea, Hamish Smyth, and Wendy MacNaughton.