StackPath's New Dallas Digs by lauckgroup

StackPath's New Dallas Digs by lauckgroup

lauckgroup has designed StackPath's new office in Dallas. Given that StackPath identifies as an industry disruptor, going beyond its competition to create a safe internet platform, lauckgroup interpreted this metaphorically via the ideas of 'boulders' - in nature, boulders evoke a sense security, yet when set in motion and knocking against formations, they are extremely disruptive. The reception and breakroom act as boulders - focal points that define and orient the rest of the floorplan - that are strategically placed off-kilter to create disruption.

The finishes throughout the space include exposed concrete floors and columns, white, black, greys, and small interjections of the company color, cyan. lauckgroup selected these finishes to keep the space clean and refined, reflecting the tech start-up. In the reception and break area, ceilings are treated with a faceted gypsum board to reveal a sense of disruption. Additionally, the reception area is treated with a concrete plaster to harken back to a sense of strong security.

In the workspace, blocks of offices and meeting rooms were positioned to separate departments and effectively balance privacy with collaboration. Since StackPath is a growing company, lauckgroup kept rooms and furniture modular to provide flexibility.


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