Foscarini Transforms Its Milan Showroom to a Bird Paradise

Foscarini Transforms Its Milan Showroom to a Bird Paradise

To celebrate Foscarini's new Birdie family of table, wall, floor and ceiling lamps - inspired by the natural and delicate silhouette of a young sapling balanced on a thin tree branch, designers Roberto and Ludovica Palomba created 'The Birdie Garden.' The installation transforms Foscarini's Brera showroom into a whimsical experience by incorporating Birdie throughout three different scenarios that bring to mind the light, romantic atmosphere of an Italian garden.

Guests are welcomed by a tall floor Birdie with it's drawn, arrow-like shadow playing on a white floor, directing where to start exploring in the next room.

Once inside, individuals become immersed in a topsy-turvy room clad with mirrors across every surface, reflecting an infinite kaleidoscope image of Birdie suspension in white. Here, the lightweight Birdie hangs perfectly in the balance, giving off warm and welcoming light.

A small opening leads to the third installation, where colorful Birdie table and floor lamps cluster together at varying heights, reminiscent of a loosely bound bouquet. Small, bright bird figures cling to each lamp, dotting the display with a touch of enchantment.