2017 Creative Time Summit - Of Homelands and Revolution

2017 Creative Time Summit: Of Homelands and Revolution

Featuring over 50 international and local participants, Creative Time Summit: Of Homelands and Revolution, co-produced with The Power Plant, will take place in Toronto, Canada from September 28-30.

The 2017 Summit invites participants to consider the many-layered political and aesthetic understandings of 'home' alongside social movements-revolutionary ones at that-which have sought to summon a broader dream of social justice.

The first day of the Summit will feature dynamic talks and presentations from an international roster of artists and activists to a live audience of over 1000 at Koerner Hall. The following day there is opportunity for further engagement via roundtables and breakout sessions at the AGO led by day-one speakers and Toronto area artists and organizers who were invited to participate or selected via an open call.

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