Farmbird by //3877

Farmbird by //3877

Farmbird, the latest eatery completed by //3877, exudes style as fresh as its menu. Centered on providing all-natural, farm fresh fast-casual fare, //3877's co-partners, David Shove-Brown and David Tracz orchestrated a design that is authentic to Farmbird's brand ethos. This concept is echoed throughout the space, which is directed by a clean, open layout that allows for an intuitive ordering experience.

Pulling in splashy hues such as orange and purple, stone countertops, and rustic embellishments, the space is granted a laidback ambiance. The back-to-basics concept is furthered with a vibrant mural at the restaurant's back wall, which depicts relaxation through images of rolling hills at daybreak. Hexagonal tiles reminiscent of traditional chicken wire and long family style tables composed of large wood slabs facilitate a jovial atmosphere best associated with farm town nostalgia.

Photography: Clarence Butts


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