In2Sports Ontario Retail Store by Unfold Creative Studio

In2Sports Ontario Retail Store by Unfold Creative Studio

Unfold Creative Studio recently designed a new retail space for In2Sports, a brand fueled by the passion for the sport of football/soccer. The focus of the brand is to stand out from the competition, make shopping memorable for the consumer and provide a working environment that is enjoyable to be a part of.

The studio worked together with In2Sports to elevate the brand by focusing on the habits of the consumer and employee, as well the changes in the retail environment as a whole. The retail space was divided into two main areas, the Fan Wear and the Boot Room.

Located at the front of the store, the Fan Wear was designed to accommodate apparel and equipment, in a way that will allow the product to shine. Having in mind both customers and employees, the sections were divided to accommodate for both ease of shopping, as well as ease of merchandising. The merchandising aspect was an essential part of the design, as ease of maintenance will allow for the store to easily keep up its image beyond the first week of opening.

Situated at the back of the store, the Boot Room was essential to the design, recognized not only as a crucial part of the store's sales, but also as the most sought after piece of equipment for the player. The entrance to the Boot Room was created to evoke a feeling in the shopper, that of walking through the tunnel out into the pitch for a big game. Linear LEDs were used to create visual impact and re-create the effect of stepping into the pitch. The addition of the turf as a flooring material added to whole 'stadium' experience, not only from a visual point of view, but also practical for trying on boots.

Photography: Gennifer Buscemi

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