SOLO NYC - New York's Growing Class of Independent Creatives

SOLO NYC: New York's Growing Class of Independent Creatives

AND CO recently teamed up with award-winning creative Daniel Soares for short-film project to explore the freedom and entrepreneurialism that is frequently overlooked in the context of the so-called gig economy. The resulting piece, SOLO NYC, follows the triumphs and trials of four independent workers whose talents have led them to pursue their own career paths across a broad range of professional callings.

"New York has always been about grit and relentless self-reliance-and this dynamic takes on a new meaning when applied to the city's freelance workforce," said Martin Strutz, co-founder of AND CO. "We made 'SOLO NYC' for the thousands, if not millions, of people wake up each day to chase their self-motivated career ambitions. They are thinkers, writers, creators and entrepreneurs, but most distinctively, they are independents."

"The thread across all of my projects is a chance to feel something and then extend that feeling with the audience," director Daniel Soares said. "This project was especially near and dear to my heart as it involved bringing to life the unique stories and perspectives of fellow freelancers who, like myself, call New York home."