Interior Design Releases 2017 Universe Study

Interior Design Releases 2017 Universe Study

Interior Design has released the 2017 Universe Study, an independent, blind research study of the interior design profession, conducted from May through July of 2017. This year marks the first time that the results of the Universe Study have been made available to the general public.

The Universe Study sampled North American design firms specifying at least $500,000 worth of products annually, and analyzed over 3,200 responses. All data reported is based on a statistically significant sample of designers, and all numbers are estimated based on this sample. The study is broken down into five categories: Profile of Interior Design Universe, Personal Profile of Interior Designers, Profile of Interior Design Firms, How Interior Designers Work and State of Design Influence.

Key findings from this year's study include an increase in both the estimated number of firms and designers in the Universe; a significant increase in the value of product specified annually ($77.95B) since the 2014 study; and a 98% optimism rating by designers surveyed.

Additionally, the vast majority of designers remain generalists, working across multiple segments; however, Workplace, Residential and Hospitality hold the top three positions as the largest segments again in 2017. Further, designers continue to rely on professional publications as the primary resource for inspiration, however, reliance on digital (such as social media and publication websites) has increased by 12% since 2014.

"The Universe Study is the single most comprehensive body of research conducted within the interior design industry," commented Carol Cisco, Publisher, Interior Design. "The information gleaned from the designers surveyed is an incredibly valuable insight into the industry in its current state, as well as where it is headed in the future. Interior Design is incredibly proud to be at the forefront of this industry-defining research."

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