All-Gender - Designing for Equity

All-Gender: Designing for Equity

The public restroom has become a symbol of the struggle to end discrimination in public spaces. Even as federal legislation has slowly begun to include public space and restrooms in its anti-discrimination laws, individual states, such as North Carolina and Texas, have since responded with legislation requiring individuals to use toilets based on the sex stated on their birth certificates. As society continues to struggle with this divisive issue, it is has become necessary for design professionals to propose thoughtful plans for public space to be fully gender-inclusive.

AIA New York, in collaboration with the Society for College and University Planning, will host a conversation on November 2 at the Center for Architecture about gender-neutral bathrooms and how the responses to this challenge on college campuses can be used to inform the way all public space is designed. University professionals and local architects will discuss the specific challenges of building gender-neutral restrooms and will offer possible solutions that put an end to social separation in our public spaces.

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