Baker Opens New Showroom in Chicago Merchandise Mart

Baker Opens New Showroom in Chicago Merchandise Mart

Baker has opened its doors at the iconic Chicago Merchandising Mart. The newly constructed 18,000 square foot space represents the first in a series of new Baker concept showrooms currently launching globally, and offers a broader assortment of categories, including lighting, fabrics, wallpapers, fine art and rugs.

"The new showroom signals Baker's shift from the traditional showroom model to an essential destination," stated Baker President Russell Towner. "The new dynamic platform will establish an unparalleled offering to assist designers as they create relevant, cohesive interiors for today's culture and passions."

The launch showcases past and present collaborations from some of Baker's prestigious guest designers, such as Jean-Louis Deniot, Barbara Barry, Thomas Pheasant, Kara Mann and Laura Kirar. The new space reflects how Baker is fast becoming a "House of Brands", not only a "House of Designer Collections," representing its sister brands Milling Road and McGuire.

The new space was designed by Baker's design team led by Baker Chief Creative Officer Tristan Butterfield, and Baker Designer Patricia Hayes, in collaboration with Design Architect Harvey Langston-Jones RIBA, a London Architect whose previous work includes the re-branding design of Baker showrooms, and Executive Architect Paul Haigh of Haigh Architects. The team created the perfect cohesive balance among all the design elements to render a space that is glamorous and luxurious, presenting beautifully made furnishings of endless quality.

"We are dedicated to creating an environment that perfectly suits the eclectic taste and preferences of our digitally savvy, worldwide clientele," said Baker Chief Creative Officer Tristan Butterfield. "We are blurring the lines of showroom, retail, hospitality and residential design to give Baker an international feel of utmost luxury and comfort."

The design scheme enhances and enriches the Baker legacy with mesmerizing refinement, using an elegant palette of striking black and white Italian marble, fine English paneling, and Farrow & Ball Baker's "Nightshade" and "Lime White" matte paint. Monastic and rigorous in its feel, the space is enriched with dynamic "pools of color" of product, lighting and art. Baker's new wallpaper collections have been installed in strategic locations, adding "touches of glamor," and presenting new ideas at every twist and turn. New hotel style reception desks greet the visitor, above which floats sold rose gold signage inscribed with Baker's new brand identity by Ammunition emeritus Brett Wickens, and also executed in brushed rose gold lettering on all windows.

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