Tiipoi Unveils Site-specific Installation Kōlam Light

Tiipoi Unveils Site-specific Installation Kōlam Light

Tiipoi recently unveiled Kōlam Light, a new site-specific light installation at White City Place in West London. The light made of layered acrylic will act as an ever-changing daily beacon for workers and the wider public, offering a thought provoking welcome to the site.

Kōlam Light is inspired by the traditional South Indian ritual of Kōlam, which sees families drawing ritualistic patterns daily on their thresholds to offer both a friendly and a spiritual welcome to their homes. Traditionally made from rice flower, the Kōlam takes the form of a geometric drawing, almost absent-mindedly drawn but dense with meaning. Meticulous and unique pieces of art, these are then washed or blown away, creating space for a new concept to be created the next day.

Tiipoi's artwork updates this concept by using layers of acrylic through which a series of strip lights draw a subtle pattern, taking a different colour and light path every day. Capturing the spirit and mood of the people passing by, the Kōlam then slowly moves and disappears throughout the day, leaving space for a new design to appear the next morning. During the day, the installation will give off a meditative glow, while at night it will add warmth to the neighbourhood during the winter months.

Kōlam Light is constructed from acrylic and LED Strip Lights, with the centre of the light pattern sitting at eye height to give the installation impact and depth. This also enables the box to be sealed from the weather and provides stability.

"We're welcoming people into White City Place by placing a Kōlam at its doorstep," commented Spandana Gopal, Founder and Creative Director of Tiipoi. "We want to celebrate the daily routines of our lives through this simple Indian gesture of making a drawing every morning."

The Kōlam White City Light will be located at the gateway to White City Place, a group of reimagined buildings in White City from RIBA award-winning architects Allies & Morrison, set around a central avenue with high quality retail spaces, restaurants and gardens. The installation will be unveiled at the White City Christmas Cheers a festive evening at the WestWorks reception.


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