AIA NY Leaning Out V - Women in Academic Leadership Now

AIA NY Leaning Out V: Women in Academic Leadership Now

For the 5th annual Global Dialogues Leaning Out event, AIA-NY will host a discussion featuring pivotal leaders of several major, elite educational institutions.

At a moment when the fraught relationships of gender and power have been playing out daily in the news in arenas ranging from politics to media and the arts, a transformation has been quietly occurring in architectural academy where many top US programs now have women in key positions of leadership.

As the discipline evolves, how are these leaders preparing the next generation of students to assume the mantle of leadership in practice?

Speakers of the event include: J. Meejin Yoon - Head of the Department of Architecture, MIT; Michelle Addington - Dean of the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture; Erika Hinrichs - Chairperson of Undergraduate Architecture, Pratt Institute; and Patrice Derrington - Director of the Center for Urban Real Estate (CURE) Columbia University (GSAPP).

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