Mußler Beauty by Notino

Mußler Beauty by Notino

DIA has developed, designed and completed the first of the ten stores planned in Germany for Mußler Beauty by Notino. Mußler Beauty, Stuttgart's traditional perfumery, and Notino, Europe's leading online retailer for beauty care, merged to benefit from their expertise in stationary and online trade.

The holistic brand experience is the focus of the design concept. Everything revolves around what the consumer is looking for in stationary retail: individualization, emotionality, social exchange and exclusivity. Even from the outside, a digital shop window beckons as well as the view into the store with its live promotions. The classic shop is transformed into a showroom, and the brand gets a face. Extravagant product stagings, pop-up spaces for niche products and a spacious seating landscape are offered in this open spatial concept that intuitively guides consumers.

Photos: Courtesy of Dittel Architekten


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