Call for Applications - MFA Design for Social Innovation

Call for Applications: MFA Design for Social Innovation

The School of Visual Arts' Design for Social Innovation MFA program is accepting applications from tenacious, talented and creative visionaries who want to become a leader for change.

Social design is used in neighborhoods to address crime and homelessness, in America's Rust Belt cities to revitalize them, in India to jumpstart economies, across Africa to connect hundreds of thousands of women to prenatal and infant care, in Kenya to mitigate violence, and in the U.S. to inspire citizens to stop sending almost as much edible food to landfills as they eat.

This field is rapidly growing, with exciting career opportunities: Global corporations use social designers to ignite creativity and commitment within their cultures. Foundations embed it into their efforts to end poverty and improve human health. Governments and NGOs use it to innovate new approaches, erase the boundaries of internal silos and step around archaic bureaucratic processes.

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