Odette Estate Winery by Signum Architecture

Odette Estate Winery by Signum Architecture

Signum Architecture's Odette Estate Winery in Napa Valley has been selected by American Architecture Prize 2017 as an Industrial Building category winner.

Odette Estate Winery's environmental design expresses the owner's commitment to sustainable farming and wine production. Juancarlos Fernandez, partner of Napa Valley-based firm Signum Architecture, designed Odette's facility to reflect the elegance of the wines created there.

Nestled in the valley's eastern hills, the building's living roof appears to have been pushed up from the earth. At the front of the building, sliding perforated aluminum screens in tall, voluptuous forms veil the winery's covered crush pad and open-air workspace. Behind these screens, three repurposed shipping containers serve as comfortable and sophisticated winery laboratory and office space.

Photography: Adrian Gregorutti

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