West of West Designs Stashed Boutique in San Francisco

West of West Designs Stashed Boutique in San Francisco

West of West recently designed the 2,240-square-foot retail space for STASHED, a street apparel and footwear store from music and advertising executive Steve Stoute, CEO of Translation Enterprises. The space, which showcases multiple brands under one roof, mimics the sense of discovery that takes place while walking through the city.

Three distinct product galleries of different shapes and sizes are embedded within layered screens of custom folded perforated steel designed specifically for the space, creating ever-changing experiences of texture and light. Three different finishes for the metal - raw, black, and weathered - define diverse spaces for highlighting each brand's identity, while translucence between spaces retains a sense of blurred boundaries.

West of West also sought to incorporate the industrial legacy of the store's location in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco through an elevated use of the raw materials that define its history, as well as an updated interpretation of the visual language of industry. For example, the central displays found in each gallery are refined groupings that reference piles of stacked wood. West of West took a similarly minimal approach to technology through invisible LED displays that are integrated into the wood displays in each gallery, and become activated once a customer approaches and interacts with the product.

Photography: Tyler Chartier

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