IFI World Interiors Day 2018 - Design Without Borderes

IFI World Interiors Day 2018: Design Without Borderes

IFI has announced "Design Without Borders" as the 2018 theme to explore for this year's IFI World Interiors Day (IFI WID). Hosted annually, IFI WID is a long-standing program that engages a broad range of people and communities around the world. The 2018 IFI WID is officially designated for May 26.

The program is structured around a topical area of focus, chosen by IFI's membership of professional Interiors associations. Design professionals, students and enthusiasts, together with institutions, agencies and members of the public, are invited to organize activities and events that explore and dissect the IFI WID theme for that year. Participation in these activities around the globe brings IFI WID to life. While the program formally takes place on the last Saturday in May, IFI WID activities and events may run throughout the entire month.

Design Without Borders

Borders and boundaries-whether drawn by governments, institutions or citizens-play an important role in determining how we understand the world and our place within it. While consciously drawn boundary lines can foster healthy connections and forge identities, they can also breed misunderstanding and perpetuate division. Borders are not just physical but also metaphorical; they are embedded in our social, political, cultural, disciplinary and emotional realities. These literal and symbolic partitions guide our thoughts and inform our actions to shape the human experience. This IFI WID 2018, participants are challenged to design activities and events that explore all realms of the boundaries that divide and unite us in order to celebrate the fundamentally human elements that connect us all.

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