2018 AIACC Awards Recipients Announced

2018 AIACC Awards Recipients Announced

The American Institute of Architects, California Council, has announced the two recipients of the 2018 AIA California Council Awards.

Distinguished Practice Award

This year's Distinguished Practice Award went to Lorcan O'Herlihy, FAIA. O'Herlihy, who founded LOHA in 1994, has maintained a passion for the constantly changing urban landscape, and the complexities which go in to designing in such an area. In addition to running his practice, O'Herlihy also contributes as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Southern California.

This year's jury voted unanimously to move his submittal forward as the recipient. They all commented excitedly on how his work "promotes much-needed conversation about the relationship of design to landscape. One juror commented, "He has been able to consistently craft a high level of design while maintaining a solid commitment to education, urbanism, community and environment, and I always learn from his work."

Firm Award

The 2018 Firm Award went to Johnson Fain of Los Angeles. The firm, established 28 years ago, specializes in corporate, educational, residential, technical, mixed use retail, and more within the building design. But they also have a strong portfolio of Urban Design and Planning as well as Interior Design.

At their presentation to the AIACC Board of Directors, one speaker from the firm commented that "they are interested in connecting people to their spaces-whether it's work or residential." The jury was impressed with not only their body of work, but the commitment to community as well as to the work environment. From yoga classes to a newly implemented once-a-month watercolor class, the principles seem to be considering the importance of life within the daily work experience.

Where one works, and how one works-leads to the invention of ideas-and sometimes the best ideas spring from informality. This seems to be a guiding principal that has led to much success and a long list of accolades and awards for the firm. "How they blur lines between personal and business is inspirational," one juror commented. "They seem to be cornering a niche on the work/life balance for their employees and it shows in their innovative work."


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