2019 Passive House Conference China

2019 Passive House Conference China

In 2019 the Passive House Conference will be held in China for the first time. Energy efficient construction and retrofitting experts will convene in the Chinese city of Gaobeidian next year.

"We are aware that this decision may be surprising to some. However, it is in China where the most construction activities are currently taking place, and this will continue to be the case in the coming decades," explained Professor Wolfgang Feist of the University of Innsbruck. "Each new building brings with it an additional demand for energy for heating and cooling, therefore it is extremely gratifying that China is making serious efforts to radically improve the energy efficiency of buildings. There is still a chance of meeting the climate protection objectives."

The 23rd International Passive House Conference will be held on September 21-22. The city of Gaobeidian lies around 100 kilometres south of the Chinese capital of Beijing in the Hebei Province. Among other things, a Passive House settlement is currently being built in Gaobeidian which, after completion, will be the largest energy efficient settlement in the world, boasting about one million square metres of living space.

Photo: Markus Kaiser

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