Pepsi Love It. Live It. Football. Campaign

Pepsi Love It. Live It. Football. Campaign

Pepsi recently partnered with soccer's most popular players, local artists and world-renowned photographer Danny Clinch to launch their 'Love It. Live It. Football.' campaign. The campaign connects art and sport to bring the beautiful game to life - on and off the pitch - with a unique, highly sharable and joy-evoking take on the sport.

The campaign features Leo Messi, Marcelo, Toni Kroos, Carli Lloyd, and Dele Alli. Each athlete has a unique attribute that Pepsi is bringing to life through a series of bold, black & white portraits captured by renowned lensman Danny Clinch. Clinch's photographs act as the canvas for extremely personal artistic overlays created by visual artists from the athletes' home countries.

Diego Jimenez (aka DIYE) (Argentina), Bicicleta Sem Freio (Brazil), Dennis Schuster (aka DXTR) (Germany), Kim Sielbeck (US) and Iain Macarthur (UK) designed their own graphic interpretations of each player's story.

Messi x Danny Clinch x DIYE

DIYE created a visual metaphor, the Lion, to represent Messi on and off the pitch: an explosive playmaker and the undisputed king of the pitch who carries a great legacy.

Marcelo x Danny Clinch x Bicicleta

Energy and impact in the artwork from this artistic duo is parallel to Marcelo's heart and soul, with various story elements speaking to Marcelo's interests, his hometown and resilient dedication to family and football.

Kroos x Danny Clinch x DXTR

Playful illustrations portray Kroos as the "maestro" - a precise leader on the pitch orchestrating masterful play with incredible finesse.

Lloyd x Danny Clinch x Kim Sielbeck

Lloyd's duality on and off the pitch - aggressive and relentless, but a player with great humility - is illustrated by Sielbeck with a mixture of rigid and organic elements forming a wild landscape of complex emotions and depth, with the strongest of wills to succeed at the heart.

Dele x Danny Clinch x Iain

With Dele's high sense for fashion, shapes and patterns create movement with all things flowing to Dele, conveying his unpredictable, yet masterful and daring personality and play style.

Danny Clinch