Poppin Unveils QT Collection

Poppin Unveils QT Collection

Poppin has unveiled its new collection of privacy lounge seating, the 'QT.' Aptly named for the collection's ability to inspire and cultivate collaboration, all the while providing a distinctly separate zone within a larger, open space, the QT Collection differentiates itself in function, form, and most importantly price.

Coming together effortlessly with no tools construction, the collections array of seating solutions allow users to have their feet up and laptop open in no time.

QT Lounge Sofa

Designed to block distractions, the QT Lounge Sofa features metal and solid wood frames layered with foam and fiber for a soft, springy feel. The tufted surround and included back pillow provide comfort and support.

QT Sofa Booth

Created to encourage uninterrupted focus and provide space for two-person meetings, the QT Sofa Booth is the open office oasis. Soft padded panels mitigate noise to create a semi-private meeting area in any communal space. Simply pull up a Tucker Lounge Table or Spot Side Table and voila! A mini conference room without even calling a contractor.


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