Poppin Introduces The Key Chair

Poppin Introduces The Key Chair

Poppin recently added 'The Key Chair,' an all-purpose seating solution designed for elevated collaboration spaces and break-room cafés, to its collection of furniture for the workplace.

Designed to stack up to eight chairs high, the minimalist Key Chair can be seamlessly stored when not in use and effortlessly pulled out when extra seats are needed. The chair's sleek form is built on a slender u-frame that moves outward into four angled legs. A durable molded plastic seat can be enhanced with a smartly undulated seating cushion in gray or black.

"The Key Chair is thoughtfully engineered to provide maximum comfort to the user, while also allowing for easy stacking," the Poppin Design Team stated. "With its ability to seamlessly adapt to the changing layouts of today's transitional spaces, the Key Chair is designed as a convenient complement to the increasingly flexible office environment."


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