2018 SEGD Conference - Experience Minneapolis

2018 SEGD Conference: Experience Minneapolis

The 2018 SEGD Conference will be held June 7-9 in Minneapolis. The conference will bring together the international experiential graphic design community in the 'City of Lakes' for three inspiring days of programming.

This annual SEGD gathering is the only conference specifically created for the experiential graphic design community - experiential and environmental graphic designers, architects, landscape architects, interaction designers, branding and strategy experts, technology integrators, fabricators, makers and clients involved in the design of place and experience. In Minneapolis, the conference will engage participants on a range of topics from design leadership, design thinking and shaping urban landscapes, to 'giving back' and harnessing the power of interactive experiences.

"The annual SEGD conference moves to a different city every year, which is part of the content and the conference's appeal-to experience the experiential graphic design of a new place," said Clive Roux, SEGD's CEO. "In preparation for Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis earlier this year, the urban landscape has undergone tremendous positive changes. Thanks to the Super Bowl, Minneapolis is definitely ready for its first SEGD Conference!"

Prior to the conference on Wednesday, June 6, Minneapolis College of Art + Design will host the annual SEGD Academic & Research Summit, where design educators, researchers, students and practitioners will gather to hear presentations from original peer-reviewed design and user research related to experiential graphic design.

This year's event will focus on inspiration and education, with a potent and fun combination of hands-on workshops and charrettes, design tours, summits, networking socials, thought leadership sessions and an expo floor with technical skills talks.

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