D&AD and Guardian Media Group Launch Global Festival of Creativity

D&AD and Guardian Media Group Launch Global Festival of Creativity

D&AD, in partnership with Guardian Media Group, has announced a new global festival of creativity created to celebrate the power of creativity and explore how it shapes culture, intersects with business and builds a positive future. Hosted in London, the festival will bring together business leaders with the world's foremost thinkers, practitioners and emerging talent from across the creative and cultural sectors - including design, film, advertising, gaming, music, fashion and architecture.

With global debates increasingly dominated by the opportunities and risks created by automation and data, the festival will be an opportunity to recognize, celebrate and learn about how the uniquely human quality of creativity can help industries and businesses to innovate and grow in the face of disruption.

"This new annual event will be a one stop shop for anyone interested in creativity, innovation and contemporary culture," stated Tim Lindsay, CEO of D&AD. "The world does not operate in silos. Our aim is to be an umbrella for all creative thinking, a platform for talent, and a place for business leaders, practitioners and the general public to be energised, invigorated and inspired to integrate creative thinking to achieve business success."

The festival will launch in 2019 and will replace the current D&AD Festival.