Sagmeister and Walsh - A Retrospective

Sagmeister and Walsh: A Retrospective

'Sagmeister and Walsh: A Retrospective' will explore past and new works by Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh. The exhibition will be on view at the Design Museum Holon from June 6 through October 27, 2018.

The first retrospective exhibition for creative agency will take visitors through an exploration of visual communication design with a selection of two-dimensional posters, spatial representations, material objects and social experiments, amongst other techniques. It will seek to broaden viewers' perspective of visual communication design, whilst conveying Sagmeister and Walsh's daring creativity and playfulness.

"One of the core goals of Design Museum Holon is to introduce our audiences, design professionals and the general public, to the many faces of design, visual communication design being one of them," commented Maya Dvash, Design Museum Holon's Chief Curator. "Sagmeister and Walsh's humour, curiosity and imaginative character provided us with the perfect opportunity to shed light on visual communication design and its multi-faceted nature."

Since joining forces in 2012, Sagmeister and Walsh studio has been spreading messages, sensations and ideas and re-inventing familiar topics using visual tools. Spanning across all the Museum's spaces, this summer exhibition will display the vast variety of projects that the studio has been involved in, incorporating their self-initiated projects such as branding, posters, web design and interactive installations, alongside video projections and sketches. In addition, it will examine some of the studio's dominant topics - happiness, beauty and emotion - exploring subjects like the connection between words and images, identity, popular culture, relationships, politics and social activism.

The Lower Gallery of Design Museum Holon will take viewers through an engaging 'behind the scenes' of Sagmeister & Walsh's work, which is presented in the Upper Gallery. The Upper Gallery will investigate the themes of the exhibition through six categories: Representation of Feelings, Creating World, Letter as an Image, Destruction & Assembly, References & Quotations, and Representation of Human Body.

"It is an absolute pleasure to see our work being featured in a building designed by our friend Ron Arad, and we hope that our content will do justice to his container," stated Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh, Designers and Co-Partners. "We are very happy to be able to show a more wide-ranging overview of our work within the backdrop of Design Museum Holon's wonderful and inspiring space. The exhibition will go beyond the final visual product of our work, so people can see, touch, and feel many of our physical works and get a peek into the behind the scenes."

Photo: John Madere

Sagmeister & Walsh