Axelrod Wins AIA SF Award 2018 for Basix HQ

Axelrod Wins AIA SF Award 2018 for Basix HQ

Axelrod Architects has received a AIA SF 2018 Merit Award for Interior Architecture for its Basix HQ project in Tel Aviv. Basix prides itself on being a client-oriented organization with flexible, dynamic personal service and a core of solid professionals. The Axelrod team translated these company values into a flexible, dynamic office design.

There is no definition of doors separate from glass partitions, and there is no unambiguous definition of openings. The partitioning elements slide across the polished concrete floor, exposing and concealing workspaces as needed and providing a changing outlook onto the skyline view outside, blurring the lines between public space, offices and balcony.

The narrowly shaped floorplate is configured to provide a main public space that serves as the spine of the office. This public spine floats in the middle of the office space, including a seating area, kitchenette and a central meeting desk. The sliding glass panels enable a dynamic transparency and intensify the experience of motion and light. Extending the space by addressing views of the skyline beyond, the design also connects within, hinting at internal spaces seen through translucent glass panels. Like the changing light for a photographic exposure, the motion of the translucent striped glass, casts shadow and light against furniture placed in the space, and raw lighting fixtures correlate to the partitioning geometry.

The interior design is redefined throughout the day by natural light and the movement of people across their workspace.

Photography: Amit Geron

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