Vault49 Encourages People to Talk About It

Vault49 Encourages People to Talk About It

A designer at New York ideas-led brand design agency Vault49 who wants to encourage more open discussion of mental health issues created an Instagram animation to mark the end of Mental Health Month in the USA. Dustin Dahlman said he has received help for his own mental health issues and has seen people close to him battle with their own problems too. He sees the first step in healing as talking about it so created the Instagram post to raise awareness and encourage people to discuss the issue after the month is over.

"I wanted to do a post about mental health because I understand the struggles of mental illness and I also understand how serious the consequences of mental illness are if left untreated," Dustin said. "When thinking about what I wanted to communicate I landed on 'Talk About It.' From personal experience I know how easy it is to remain silent to the struggles of mental illness."

As a designer, Dustin understands that pictures communicate a message quicker than words, so chose art to get his message out there. He urged people to help others with mental health issues and to let them know they are not alone.

"Staying silent about mental health problems only causes more problems," Dustin added. "As a culture we need to create an environment of understanding, so people can talk about mental health issues and get the help they need."


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