Make Art Great Again - International Project Uses Trump's Messages to Fight Climate Change

Make Art Great Again: International Project Uses Trump's Messages to Fight Climate Change

The Swiss-based art collective "insertname" is releasing an illustration book called #MakeArtGreatAgain, featuring a selection of tweets by Donald Trump seen through the eyes of different artists.

The collective gathered 30 artists, designers and illustrators from 17 countries around the world and asked them to visualize the selected tweets in their very unique way. The result is a collection of beautiful artworks in various techniques and styles. The diversity of the book gives an insight into how cultures around the world look at Donald Trump's tweets and shows the different interpretations of his statements.

The book is being translated into different languages in order to appeal to a wider audience and will be released in July. All net profits of the book will be donated to the climate change foundations and Greenpeace.

"The idea of the project is to help fight the climate change that Trump is denying so strongly," said co-creator Richi Braendli. "We think that Trump gives us the ammo to fight climate change deniers with their own weapons. And the book is not just about helping mother nature. We also want to give these great artists a platform to showcase their talent. Last but not least, we want to make Trump's statements accessible to a wider audience - people who are not on Twitter, or maybe don't speak English."