Torino Graphic Days 3

Torino Graphic Days 3

The third international Torino Graphic Days, an international festival dedicated to visual communication, will be held October 11-14 in Turin. Four days of workshops, talks, performances, exhibitions and a market fair will bring to Turin the best of the visual design field.

The festival will host 6 talks with 24 speakers, including Vasjen Katro, the Albanian artist who has become famous for the project Baugasm, Magoz, the Spanish illustrator who has collaborated with The New York Times, WeTransfer and the MIT Technology Review, Giorgio Camuffo, Professor at University of Bolzano and curator of the Giro Giro Tondo - Design for Children exhibition at La Triennale di Milano and Riccardo Catagnano from Saatchi & Saatchi.

The festival will deal with all the aspects of graphic design: from handcrafted techniques, like engraving, to the artistic field's ones, like illustration and sign painting and to contemporary sectors like branding and animation.

"The aim of Torino Graphic Days is attracting and involving a wider audience through all the activities that are related to visual communication, in order to show how it affects every aspect of our everyday life," stated Fabio Guida, Festival Coordinator and Professor of communication design at Politecnico of Torino. "Audience engagement is actually our main goal: we're using interaction and experimentation as key factors for making visual design an inclusive field, a subject that is not just for professionals anymore."

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