Brandon Haw Architecture Designs Bespoke New Flagship for NYDG Integral Health and Wellness

Brandon Haw Architecture Designs Bespoke New Flagship for NYDG Integral Health and Wellness

Brandon Haw Architecture has designed a new flagship facility for the world-renowned New York Dermatology Group (NYDG). The new NYDG Integral Health & Wellness occupies the second floor of a classic Fifth Avenue landmark building in the historic "Ladies' Mile" district. The project comprises 7,000 sq ft of specialist wellness, therapy and treatment facilities including 8 treatment rooms, blood infusion facility, nutrition center and 2 new cryotherapy treatment facilities, each with their associated support spaces, reception and retail product area, as well as a discreet private entrance off East 19th Street.

The design organizes a complex program of technically challenging, state of the art treatment rooms into a coherent, classic and timeless space that respects the fabric of the building with its magnificent light-filled windows. Solid reclaimed industrial stained oak flooring from Germany sets the ground plane above which white polished plastered walls with bronze base boards and door trims creates the backdrop for the programmatic requirements of the project.

Treatment, blood infusion, nutritionist and body work rooms are organized within a freestanding sinuous pod set apart from the existing double scale windows that face onto Fifth Avenue, and the grid of the city. Resembling a sensuous and elegant curtain, frozen in time, Brandon Haw Architecture has designed a unique cladding system built in Italy in collaboration with Paolo Cassina Custom Interiors. Bronze and dark wood finishes have been meticulously detailed throughout all public areas of the space.

Custom cabinetry was designed for each treatment room to reinforce the continuity of materials and craftsmanship, while quartz flooring was chosen for its elegant appearance and ease of maintenance. Upon entering each room, dimmable lighting systems create a subdued and calming ambience prior to the commencement of any procedure.

The design of the space is complemented with a new range of custom furniture developed by Brandon Haw Design, fabricated in Italy in collaboration with Paolo Cassina. In the waiting area, NYDG exhibits the first sofas along with armchairs and tables developed for the project in camoscio leather with bronze finish metalwork and white Italian marble table tops.

Photography: Albert Vecerka

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