Microsoft Envisioning Center by Studio O+A

Microsoft Envisioning Center by Studio O+A

Studio O+A recently created a fluid and adaptable prototyping lab for Microsoft. Located on Microsoft's Redmond campus, the facility allows people to experience technology as it will be used in the office and home, helping Microsoft identify new trends and assess their viability.

Everything in the space supports and facilitates work - and is changeable as the work changes, including the stadium seating, which is modular for quick reconfiguration. Mixing natural light with use-sensitive light, interactive screens and versatile furniture, the center envisions a future of maximum adaptability.

The Next Generation Meeting Hexagon, designed to house advanced video conferencing, allows multi-dimensional interaction between in-person participants, off-site participants, and live tech info walls. The bright, playful space is meant to encourage unfettered thinking.

Photography: Jeremy Bittermann

Studio O+A

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