Leviathan's Dolby Gallery Metamorphosis

Leviathan's Dolby Gallery Metamorphosis

Leviathan was recently invited to take part in a series of Dolby exhibitions that explore the leading edge of audio and imaging technologies in partnership with contemporary artists.

Leviathan's Dolby Gallery "Metamorphosis" creation debuted earlier last month, in time for Dolby's "The Art of Cinematic Storytelling" event, which was part of San Francisco Design Week.

Metamorphosis is an audiovisual odyssey that extracts brilliant color data from masterpieces of the past century to create an entirely new experience of art. Employing newly developed coding techniques, Leviathan dissects a curated selection of paintings into abstract digital forms. The generative visuals, which are set rhythmically to a composed ambient soundscape, evolve through time and space - transforming the unique LED canvas at Dolby Gallery into an immersive, meditative experience.

This synergy between sight and sound is custom-designed for Dolby Gallery. Rich color volume data, inspired by Dolby Vision technology, is brought to life along with a sonic experience mixed in Dolby Atmos. Moving audio dynamically travels across 52 full-range speakers and 34 subwoofers to immerse visitors in a fusion of art and science.