Leviathan Creates Interactive Installations for McDonald's Global Headquarters

Leviathan Creates Interactive Installations for McDonald's Global Headquarters

Leviathan recently created brilliant interactive installations for McDonald's iconic new global headquarters. For McDonald's executives, employees and visitors alike, stepping inside MHQ is an immersion into an ambitious, globally minded company with a bold vision for a sustainable future, a constant appetite for high-caliber talent, and daily commitments to educational, charitable and social causes. To capitalize on the richness of its history, its initiatives, and its ever-expanding human capital, McDonald's Agency One TwentyThree selected Leviathan to shape-up MHQ's unique digital experiences.

"Every day, McDonald's is bringing a very inspiring mission to life in countless exciting ways," said Leviathan's CEO Chad Hutson. "Having the opportunity to organically embed digital interactives into their monumental headquarters with the goal of stimulating and educating employees and visitors is truly a dream job for us. I think it's fair to say, it's also a challenge we are perfectly suited for."

"In collaboration with Agency One TwentyThree and with their strategic insight and direction, we set out to design the digitally unexpected, to deliver innovative stories that resonate with visitors, placing humans at the forefront of technology," added Leviathan's Chief Creative Officer Jason White. "The resulting experiences are thoughtful and impactful, reinforcing the magnificent, multifaceted McDonald's Corporation of the present and the future."

Covering the entire Randolph Street block previously occupied by Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Studios, most of McDonald's 2,000 local corporate employees access MHQ via Carpenter Street. Guests enter the opulent ground-floor McDonald's Global Menu Restaurant on Randolph Street.

Beginning with the public before advancing the engagements for new company recruits, Leviathan's first installation graces a large LED screen in the lobby, which is programmed with compelling original content that evolves throughout the day, season to season. On floor two, Leviathan's largest interactive experience greets Hamburger University management trainees. Responding to motion and touch, capable of accommodating scores of interactions simultaneously, this incredibly powerful experience engine educates through the elegant use of interactive timelines and an expansive video archive, inviting users to engage directly with the brand's far-reaching legacy.

Near the Hamburger University Interactive, a wall with over a hundred wooden-framed digital displays updates to show photos of each university student in current attendance, with fun personal facts and a graduation takeover mode to celebrate class completion.

For the past 45 years, McDonald's and Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) have actively supported children's happiness and well-being. With active programs in over 64 countries and regions worldwide, RHMC helps lessen the burdens of millions of families experiencing illness each year. Also on MHQ's second floor, visitors will find an educational kiosk dedicated to RMHC. Controlled by touchscreen and using a large-scale mosaic presentation style, the feature is constantly updated to relate the ever-expanding story of RMHC's vital work and its impact.

On the third floor, RMHC donors are showcased in another interactive display, allowing sorting and further information discovery related to the charity's contributors.

McDonald's continues to proactively address its Scale of Good platform, demonstrating its desires to leave the planet a better place and to improve continuously. Another fascinating digital installation on MHQ's third floor brings the company's quest for sustainability to life vibrantly. Touching the screen begins a deep-dive exploring the many ways McDonald's is using its scale for good, leveraging rich media resources to relate quandaries and achievements to educate the most curious minds.

Rising to the top, Leviathan's Hall of Visionaries installation makes its home among the executive offices on MHQ's eighth floor. Activated by motion, any encounter with the experience conjures a kaleidoscopic video tribute to prominent cultural figures who began their careers at McDonald's.

Photos: Courtesy of Leviathan & McDonald's


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