Samsung and Dezeen Launch Ambient Mode Design Competition

Samsung and Dezeen Launch Ambient Mode Design Competition

Samsung and Dezeen have launched a design competition that challenges designers to create graphics for the Ambient Mode feature on Samsung's QLED TVs.

Samsung's Ambient Mode does away with the mundane black screen that dominates a room when the television is not in use. Built into the 2018 QLED televisions, Ambient Mode makes the screen appear transparent by mimicking the appearance of the wall behind it, while also enhancing its environment by overlaying additional imagery and information - such as the weather - if desired.

To enter, contestants must pick one of the four backgrounds provided by Samsung and develop concepts that build on both the television's environment and the time of day in which the feature would be utilized. Designers can base their entry on one of Samsung's existing Ambient Modes - d├ęcor, information or personal photos - or they can propose a completely novel mode. Further, as Samsung and Dezeen are looking for concepts that highlight how Ambient Mode can mirror the environment and blend into the aesthetic of consumers' homes, entrants will need to specify a particular lifestyle for their design.

The deadline for submissions is August 3, 2018.

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