Type Directors Club Launches Typegeist

Type Directors Club Launches Typegeist

by Type Directors Club

The Type Directors Club has launched Typegeist, a new editorial platform that illuminates various aspects of the current moment in international type design and typography through original essays by curious designers, historians, academics, experts, and aficionados.

The theme of the first issue is "Decentralizing Type," and features work by authors and designers that examines type outside of Western centers. Dan Reynolds writes about India, Sahar Afshar comments on type in Arabic-speaking regions, and YuJune Park and Caspar Lam interview designers about contemporary type in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Designers Pragun Agarwal, Mohammad Sharaf, and TienMin Liao interpret the issue's theme visually through typographic illustrations.

Typegeist is created by a team of Type Directors Club board members and editor Caren Litherland. Synoptic Office has designed the first digital issue.

more: typegeist.org (176)

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