Ranger and Fox Creates Show Package for HP Branded Esports Series GGWP

Ranger & Fox Creates Show Package for HP Branded Esports Series GGWP

Ranger & Fox recently created a show package for HP-branded series 'GGWP.' From Twitch to the Pro Ranks, what does it take to play at the top? The new branded content series from OMEN by HP, 'Good Game, Well Played,' profiles top competitive gamers, providing compelling stories and insights for its fans along the way.

Just like in traditional sports, going pro in esports demands hard work through long practice days, perseverance, and a whole lot of patience. This new esports show from OMEN by HP profiles a different competitive gamer each episode, first via a long-form interview and then by an analysis of their play strategy and training regimen. The first episode profiles Vincent "Biofrost" Wang, the decorated League of Legends professional player currently playing for CLG.

Tapped by agency Giant Spoon to create the show package for the series, Ranger & Fox Creative Directors Brett Morris and Steve Panicara were immediately drawn to the minimal yet striking LED driven set design.

"We loved the idea of stripping gaming down to its core," Panicara said. "The dark, industrial feel really spoke to us, and we knew that the on-set installation should be celebrated as the hero, supported by equally minimal and striking graphics and typography."

"The show is presented by OMEN by HP, so we wanted to anchor the design around their diamond motif to inject the essence of the logo into the show package," Morris added. "Paired with kinetic typography and an energetic edit, the animation moved the viewer from shot to shot in an exciting and engaging way."

Images: Courtesy of Ranger & Fox

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