Sharp Joins Forces with Pininfarina

Sharp Joins Forces with Pininfarina

Pininfarina and Sharp have announced a new partnership to perfectly blend iconic Italian design and Japanese cutting edge technology. Inspired by the dynamic lines of the Pininfarina sports cars, the new Sharp by Pininfarina Collection will debut at the 2019 IFA Show.

"The strength of Pininfarina lies in the ability, resulting from its experience in different sectors, to have a coherent vision, so that each product is projected in relation to the imaginary of the environment in which it will find its accommodation," commented Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group. "Working on a whole range of products gives us the opportunity to conceive and create a precise and non-contradictory identity, which represents the real success of this project."

"We know that design plays an important role for customers when it comes to buying a TV or audio product. After all these products are a central element of their apartments and houses," added Aslan Khabliev, Chief Executive Officer Europe. "That's why we are pleased to develop together with Pininfarina a full range of new products, that appeal to discerning customers through their novel dynamic design and enable SHARP to tap new groups of buyers. That corresponds ideally with SHARP's credo, as we strive to support our customers' lifestyles and working patterns. It is not only a matter of technology, the point is rather to provide solutions to specific situations and requirements through our technology."

Photos: Courtesy of Pininfarina


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